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Tailor your learning: Select the perfect duration, from full courses to quick 45-minute tastings!

Halloween Courses

Virtual Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Get into the Halloween spirit! Join our virtual pumpkin carving class to create festive decorations and master the art of pumpkin carving.

Mystery and Monsters Web Quest

Embark on an exciting web-based adventure! Solve mysteries and encounter thrilling monsters in this immersive and engaging quest.

Spooky Story Podcasting

Bring your stories to life! Create spine-chilling podcasts with eerie tales and haunting narratives in this creative and thrilling session.

Virtual Escape Room Challenge

Ready for a challenge? Immerse yourself in a virtual escape room adventure packed with puzzles and excitement. Can you escape in time?

Halloween Comic Creation

Get spooky creative! Craft your own chilling comic book filled with tales perfect for the Halloween season. Let your imagination run wild!

Virtual Costume Creation Workshop

Unleash your creativity! Join our virtual workshop to design and create your unique Halloween costume. Stand out and embrace the Halloween spirit!